Design for me is about taking a challenge, never limiting myself and being able to take a risk in order to make it a reality, no matter how crazy it may seem. I mean what’s the point to obey all the rules and miss the fun then. As a designer, it’s sometimes important to break the mould, bend the rules, and have no restraints on the designing ‘processes’. My aesthetic logic is sometimes eccentric or rather unconventional.

While most of my learning (academics) was always organized, the little liberty that I earned being a creative person churned out the creative juices that I spill out on my work at present. In between gorging on Bounty bars, Pav Bhaji, Colas and Green Tea, I somehow manage to pull out some decent designs; at least that’s what my clients have told me. In fact most of these things that I eat are like performance enhancing drugs to me.

Between spending the last penny from my dad’s savings account to do Commercial Art from Surat, PG Programme in Advertising from MET - Mumbai and Masters in Graphic Design from University of New South Wales - Sydney, I did do some work, which now makes my portfolio. My clients include Render TexPro, Swastik Migration, Setco Automotive &

some lovely individuals.

Phew!!! This is more than enough text on a design person, so much copy I have not seen on any of my work. So if you wish to brainstorm, ideate and looking for a solution, send me an email or ping me on Facebook or SMS me on my mobile and the best coffee in town is on me. And if you are not a coffee person, I don’t mind a cutting at a Chaiwaala

close to your location too.