Photo Album

Sometimes merely capturing the moment isn’t enough. Every image has its own story, its own experience and without them, the pictures are just your visual imagination. Why not let your images tell the story you have been so wanting to share. That’s where albums come in and help you weave your own little story. birthday, holiday, wedding


When that time of year comes, having a unique calendar is a brilliant way to promote your own work, the company you work for or the product that you produce and maybe get that extra client work. Get us help you find these solutions and have your calendar stand out from the crowd.

Hand painted shoes

A research found that subconsciously the first thing anyone notices about an individual is his/ her shoe. And to ensure people know that there is a tint of spunk and dash of colour in your life, we have a capital idea. Get yourself a pair of hand-painted shoes. Simple isn’t it?

Hand painted bedsheets

If you think only the wall behind your bed can be painted creatively in your bedroom, hold on. How about having your bedsheet painted in your colours. Let not your walls only tell a story about you, let your bedsheet also too speak for you. Get a hand painted bedsheet.

Personalised invitation/ greeting cards/calender

Every individual has his or her own style, taste and a character. If that comes out in your way of wishing, inviting or greeting people, nothing better than that. Be it cool, subtle, loud, funky, adding a dash of you in them will only make it better.


If you aren’t one of those who can subside the excitement and wait to see a story unfold through an album, collage is for you. One page and million pictures, from being a child to having a child, from one adventure to another, a journey experienced can all come on one page. Yes, you are the collage lovers then.


The key word in most business these days is viral marketing. While the internet/ social media revolution are road rolling all viral marketing tools, those who still believe that a physical proof showcasing your business works, here it goes.

Corporate Identity

First impressions matter, whether in personal life or professional. That's why your visiting card, your letter head, and every business communication needs a unique identity, your corporate identity. Good branding contributes to give a good image of your company, so why read this, get done what can talk a lot in little about your company.